Marriage License & Certificate

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Marriage Form

Marriage Licenses & Certificates

In Maine, application for a Marriage License must be made in the municipality of residence of either the Bride or Groom. If the applicants are not residents of Maine, they may apply in any Town or City in Maine.
The fee for a Marriage License Application is $40. Application is made by both the Bride and the Groom. Each must show proof of identity (a driver’s license or state I.D.) and, if there have been previous marriages for either applicant, Certified Documents of Death or Divorce of the most recent marriage must also be presented.
Marriage Licenses are valid for 90 days from the date of application.
There is no longer a waiting period to obtain a marriage license. Once the application is complete, the Marriage License can be issued.
Once the  officiant has returned the completed license to the issuing clerk, a certified copy of the marriage license may be requested. Fees for certified copies are: $15.00 for the first copy and $6.00 for each additional copy. Certified copies are required to change the Bride’s name on many documents such as Social Security Cards, Driver’s Licenses, and bank accounts.
Every  town in Maine records and maintains marriage records for people who either applied for their license there and/or were married there.
Make sure you have the following information:
Certified Copies of Marriage Certificates are available during normal business hours at the Town Office.  The first copy costs $15.00. Additional copies are $6.00 each.  The requestor must fill out a request form, provide proof of identity and if necessary, proof of eligibility to acquire record. 

By mail:

Copies may also be ordered by mail, with the above information and the required fee, by sending your request to: Town Clerk, P.O. Box 308, Kenduskeag, Maine 04450. The person requesting the record must inlcude a photocopy of proof of identification and if necessary, proof of eligibility to acquire record.  Make Checks payable to Town of Kenduskeag.

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