Death Certificate

Click the blue link below for the printable form:

Death Form

Death Certificates

Every  town in Maine records and maintains death records for people who died in that town or who were a resident of that town at the time of death. (If you are not certain of the Place of Death, you may call the Office of Vital Statistics for the State of Maine in Augusta at (207) 287-1919 or 1-888-664-9491.)
Make sure you have the following information:
  • NAME

Certified Copies of Death Certificates are available during normal business hours of the Town Office. The first copy costs $15.00. Additional copies are $6.00 each. The person requesting the information must fill out a request form, provide proof of identity and proof of lineage, if necessary.

By mail:

Copies may also be ordered by mail, with the above information and the required fee, by sending your request to
Town Clerk, P.O. Box 308, Kenduskeag, Maine 04450
The person requesting the record must inlcude a photocopy of proof of identification and proof of lineage, if necessary.  Make checks payable to Town of Kenduskeag.

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