Recycling Program

Roadside pick-up 2nd Monday of each month.

Plastic Bottles: Laundry detergent, milk and water jugs with the number 2 symbol only. Remove and throw away all caps and rings, rinse out and crush.

Corrugated Cardboard: This includes brown paper bags. This does NOT include milk cartons or chipboard. Cardboard must be cut down to a size of at least 3 ft x 3 ft.

Newspapers: This includes newspapers, magazines, telephone books and catalogs.

Tin Cans: Tins should be rinsed and flattened.

Glass: Please remove all the lids and rinse out. Glass food containers only. Items that cannot be included are: ceramic, window glass, drinking glass or auto glass.

Please separate and place all recyclables in a recycling container or brown paper bags.

Bins are for sale at the Town Office for $6.00


Register a Vehicle / Boat / Trailer

I have a new car and need to register it:
  • If you purchased the vehicle from a Maine Licensed Dealer, then you will need the window sticker (if the car is brand new), a Title Application Form (usually blue), proof that you paid sales tax (bill of sale), proof of insurance and the current mileage. Bring all of these items to the Town Office to pay the excise tax.
  • If you purchased the vehicle in a private sale, then you will need the prior title (if the vehicle is a 1995 or newer) signed by the previous owner listing you as the purchaser, a dated bill of sale that clearly identifies the vehicle, including the vehicle identification number, the seller’s name, your name as the purchaser and the sale price, proof of insurance and current mileage.
I want to renew my registration:
  • You will need your current valid registration, current mileage and insurance information.