Town Officers for the Municipal Year 2011-2012

Selectmen, Assessors & Overseers of the Poor

  • Bert Mandigo, Chairman, 2012
  • Willis Pierce, 2013
  • Wayne Bishop, 2014

Treasurer & Registrar of Voters

  • Diane Smith

Town Clerk & Tax Collector

  • Sandra Preston

Assistant Town Clerk

  • Kacy Hikel

M.S.A.D. Board of Directors

  • Kimberly Hikel
  • Suzanne Chasse-Davis
  • Dale Hersey

Fire Chief / First Responder Director

  • Jonathan Seifert

Code Enforcement Officer & Plumbing Inspector

  • Stewart Brooks

Road Commissioner

  • Michael Bishop

Health Officer

  • Suzanne Chasse-Davis

Animal Control Officer

  • Joseph Murphy


  • Diane Smith

Library Board of Trustees

  • Charles Dorchester
  • James Smith
  • D Mitchell
  • Billie-Jean Dumoulin

Planning Board

  • Stewart Harvey
  • Thomas Davis III
  • Rhea Thomas
  • Dale Hersey
  • David Foster

Budget Advisory Committee

  • Richard Horn, Chairman
  • Norman Stetson
  • Thomas Davis
  • Mary Dorchester
  • Carl Trask

Election Clerks

  • Muriel Davis
  • Sally Pappas
  • Bonita Jipson
  • Kacy Hikel

House Numbering Order Forms

House numbering order forms are available at the Town Office.


Two signs on a steel post are provided in order to make house numbering visible at the end of the driveway from both directions of the roadway. Signs are most helpful if posted near the end of the driveway as this makes them more visible for emergency responders who often search for the residence during darkness. A single sided sign without post may be purchased. Signs have a colored background chosen by the town.


  • Package: $12
  • Single sided sign, post and bolt: $9.00
  • Double sided sign & mailbox bracket:$9.00
  • Single sided sign only: $6.00


Town Fees

Motor Vehicle

  • State: $35
  • Agent New: $4
  • Re-Reg: $3
  • Sales Tax: 5%
  • Title Application: $33
  • Excise Tax: per vehicle

Recreational Vehicles

  • Snomobile: $41
  • ATV: $34
  • Boats (determined by HPS & Length)
  • Slales Tax: 5%
  • Excise Tax: per boat


  • Neutered/Spayed: $6
  • Male/Female: $11
  • Late fee after 1/31: $25 (charged per dog)

Hunting & Fishing Licenses

  • Combo: $44
  • Hunt-Adult: $27
  • Hunt-Junior: $9
  • Fish: $27
  • Archery: $27
  • Duplicate: $2
  • Duck Stamp: $7.50
  • Muzzleload: $14
  • Pheasant: $18
  • Bear: $29
  • Small Game: $16
  • Fall Turkey: $22
  • Spring Turkey: $22

Vital Statistics

  • Marriage License: $40
  • Certified Copy: $10
  • Genealogy Search: $3


  • Photocopies: .25 per page
  • Sending a fax: $3
  • Receiving a fax: $1
  • Notary Fees: $4

Dump Stickers

  • Sheet of 5: $5

Case Memorial Library


Don’t forget to come visit our library!

The library has the current bestsellers available without having to be on a long waiting list. There are also many books for children and junior readers as well. A new computer has also been purchased and is available for word processing and Internet access. Internet access is provided by Road Runner as a free public service. Any one wanting to use the Internet will need to sign the Internet use policy before using it. Plan a visit to the library soon! Library hours are Monday and Thursday nights from 6:00 to 8:00 PM.

Email our Librarian, Diane Smith at

Kenduskeag Clean Up Day

On June 23, 2012 from 8AM to 4PM the town of Kenduskeag will be holding a clean up day at the Cole Memorial Field (536 Kenduskeag-Levant Rd). Pre-registration is required, you can do so at the Town Office. There will be a $5 fee if not pre-registered. Kenduskeag residents only (proof of residency required).

Acceptable Items:

White goods, couches, chairs, mattresses, metal refrigerators, air conditioners, (Items with freon- $15 charge)

Non-Acceptable Items:

Demolition Debris*, Tires**, propane tanks***, brush, wood, household trash, any hazardous waste****

*Demolition debris- Pine Tree Landfill, Emerson Mill Road, Hampden, 862-4200

**Tires without rims can be put out on trash day with a sticker (2 per week)

***Propane Tanks- Suburban Propane, 881 Coldbrook Rd.,Herman, ME 848-2346

****Household Hazardous Waste cleanup day is in October